Every day, an old disease is born again but in a new form, or sometimes an outbreak of a new contagious disease comes. But due to advancing technology, these do come to an end, just to be incarnated again. And so, the battle continues between them. People nowadays need to be more alert about their health and not take a single health issue lightly.


Now the question arises how can one feel like to go for a follow up when it takes ages to get an appointment? Let’s be real we all have gone through the agony of waiting to get an appointment, waiting in a serial to meet your doctor who’s never on time, waiting to get our reports from a medical center which takes hours and sometimes days to come. Due to this hassle, many unfortunate ones get to know about their disease at the very last moment, which highly puts a negative impact on them. And we end up putting the blame to the entire health system for being late.


But have we ever look at the other side of the coin? The hassle we put on our doctors with our unorganized data and reports. It takes them time as well to sort things and to get back to us. Eventually, both parties (patient and doctors) suffer.


So what can be done to not end up in a situation like this? Simple, your answer is PlexusD


PlexusD, a health-tech company from Bangladesh, is a revolutionary cloud-based healthcare networking platform and application. Unlike any other healthcare platforms operating in the market, PlexusD connects patients and doctors with the help of its human-centered innovative application and data driven way. Its primarily aim is to make healthcare system hassle free, effective and efficient for both the parties. We’re helping health organizations and doctors to engage with patient along their entire wellness journey—not just when they need treatment, but before and after as well.


PlexusD aims to aid both doctors and patients in the treatment process so that it can be more efficient, effective, organized and to mitigate the gap between them and engage patients more deeply than ever. PlexusD has created a cloud-based healthcare networking platform which gives access to primary health care to people by introducing with a GP (General Physician) or a specialist doctor from anywhere at any time cloud-based. It will connect the patients with the General Physicians/Doctors, help them store their medical history, automatically digitize prescriptions and diagnostic reports and provide access to these from anywhere, anytime, with just a snap of the finger. PlexusD’s services will enable patients and doctors to save precious time and help them to gain specific guidelines from the outset of their problem, hence taking control of their health care problems through proper means.


Doctors, on the other hand, get organized data along with patients’ historical data. PlexusD is also helping doctors and hospitals to reduce patient management problems. In PlexusD, the doctors can get and stay connected with his/her present or past patients. This is also applicable to patients. This will ensure that the treatment process is more effective, efficient and a continuation of a healthier life.


With the help of right technology, innovative approach and integrated healthcare people can lead a healthier life.