Better Life Hospital Ltd.


The Betterlife is a well equipped and service-centric hospital. We are providing ultimate health care to any patient by our sincere doctors and nurses. We always give priority to the service rather than anything. Because life is the most precious thing than any other thing in this world. Our Services • EMERGENCY SERVICE • SPECIALIST OPD • IPD o CABINS O MALE WARD O MALE WARD O FEMALE WARD O PAEDIATRIC WARD O DAYCARE WARD O STROKE WARD • OPERATION THEATRE • INTENSIVE CARE • NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE • HIGH DEPENDENCY WARD/CORONARY CARE • EMERGENCY OBSTETRIC CARE • RADIOLOGY & IMAGING o 160 SLICE CT SCAN O 1.5 TESLA MRI O 1000 MA DIGITAL X-RAY O 1000 MA DIGITAL X-RAY WITH FLUOROSCOPY O DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY O DIGITAL OPG WITH CEPHALOMETRY O DIGITAL BMD O 300 MA DIGITAL PORTABLE X-RAY O DIGITAL C-ARM O 4D ULTRASONOGRAPHY O ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY • ETT • HOLTER MONITORING • SPIROMETRY • UROFLOWMETRY • FULLY AUTOMATED BIOCHEMISTRY AND IMMUNOLOGY LAB • FULLY AUTOMATED CLINICAL PATHOLOGY LAB • FULLY AUTOMATED MICROBIOLOGY LAB • BLOOD BANK • EEG • EMG • MODERN PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICE • KIDNEY DIALYSIS SERVICES • LASER ENDOSCOPY WITH COLONOSCOPY, BRONCHOSCOPY, ERCP, AND OTHER ENDOSCOPIC PROCEDURES • DIETARY SERVICE • PHARMACY • VACCINATION • 24 HR. EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICES WITH LIFE SUPPORT FACILITY. • There is a 24 bed (day-night) ICU facility with an experienced consultant. • 24-hour HDU, • 24-hour emergency and ambulance service by an experienced doctor. • There is a 24-hour pharmacy and 24-hour corpse storage facility. • Digital Opportunity - Operation Theater with Convenience. • 160 Slice CT scan, silent MRI, digital X-ray. • 4D ultrasonogram and color Doppler test. • ECG and echocardiogram. • Laparoscopy and general surgery. • Dialysis by an experienced kidney doctor on a new European machine for only Rs. 3500. • USA's state-of-the-art machine-rich physiotherapy unit.